DEAD GAMES RECORDS is Looking For metal Bands for a new Upcoming Compilation Albums It's a great way to get your band out there so if you like to get your band Out to the world this is what we need for you Band Name 1 song in MP3 

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Artist: Metal Compilation
Project Title: Metal Compilation Vol 1
Label: Dead Games Records
Launched: 05/07/2013
UPC: 802061113022
101 Catalog ID: 101-924654

Selling: MP3 

 1 My Captain My Captain ---A Darkened Sea  USAE81381536

2 F-cK Haet ------Dead Dark Slide  USAE81381537

3 You Big Cool Man-------- Balcony of blood  USAE81381538

4 Art of Discernment -----Terrorway  USAE81381539

5 Another Day -----Angelical Tears  USAE81381540

6 Stop Act'n Like -------Fade Under Influence  USAE81381541

7 Gone ----------Fog Wizard  USAE81381542

8 Enthroned Luciferian Kingdom --------Funebria  USAE81381543

9 Beloved Forsaken---------- inheritor  USAE81381544

10 The Lament Configuration --------Kangaroo Cage Match  USAE81381545

11 Santa Muerte --------Kind Mit Puppenkopf  USAE81381546

12 Theres Got To Be A Reason For The Bitter Taste In My Mouth ----Loose Lips Sink Ships  USAE81381547

13 rape the grave ------Seventh chaos  USAE81381548

14 Delirium Sanctum -------Thorko Jones  USAE81381549

Artist: Dead Games Records
Project Title: Metal Compilation Vol. 2 - Hells Night
Label: dead games records
Launched: 10/11/2013
UPC: 720825306049
101 Catalog ID: 101-1122129

Selling: MP3 

 1 Your Blood Runs Red (Dead Dark Slide)  USAE81303539

2 The Truth of Lying ( A Darkened Sea)  USAE81303541

3 F-cK Haet (Balcony of Blood)  USAE81303537

4 PAIN (Demon Boy)  USAE81303538

5 Black_April_Master (Headstate)  USAE81303535

6 Serpent Unwound (Inevitable Plague)  USAE81303534

8 Sax & Violins (Spaceking)  USAE81303540

9 Mind of a Martyr (SKYWALKER)